About us

Welcome to the Gotham Watch Company!

Gotham Watch specializes in the sale of mechanical and quartz pocket watches,  pendant watches, dual time zone watches plus talking and low vision watches.

A little history:

Dave Robbins (that's me!) started in the family watch business in 1985. Our company sold wholesale watches to many of the large chain stores. While at a trade show in the early 90's, I was approached by representatives from Amazon.com saying they were starting a watch division on their site and invited me to participate, so I did. Well, things grew and grew, so much so, that in 2011, I decide to start my own business, Gotham Watch. Currently, I have 250+ listings on their site with over 2000 positive feedback ratings and a 5 star(100%) lifetime rating.

My principles:

  1. Offer beautiful and unique timepieces at a competitive price.
  2. Utilize Amazon.com fulfillment service for fast, free shipping on standard orders.
  3. Give you the customer personal "concierge" before and after sale service from yours truly (that's me, Dave). In other words, any question, issue, repair, return....anything, just shoot me an email and I will make it right, it's that simple.

I have over 31 years experience in the watch industry, and strive to bring you the best quality timepieces for the most competitive prices. All Gotham brand watches are designed, imported and sold only by Gotham. There are no middle men, this enables us to give you the best prices possible.

Thank you and I truly look forward to making you next watch purchase a truly enjoyable one!

Best Regards,

David Robbins
Gotham Watch Company LLC